Pipe Organ Wall Calendars – Are Those  Pipe Organ Wall Calendars of "Bach 4 You" the Most Decorative Pipe Organ Wall Calendars in the Universe?


Just ... yes. This pipe organ wall calendar October page by the tiny calendar publishing house in Southern Germany is one of the most decorative music calendars related to the "Queen of All Music Instruments" when it comes to the style, how these calendars are "constructed". We call it the "European Style" pipe organ calendar and it's decoration only, no "tool with a grid". You get directly to the publisher's shop with a click here. However: If you prefer the grid in the lower 50 percent of the calendar, we offer such pipe organ calendars to in our Zazzle shop.


Our Pipe Organ Calendars in 2 Separate Styles


A short exciting story about the offer of "Bach 4 You", that is probably the only calendar publishing house, that offers music calendars ... and yes, also pipe organ calendars ... in two styles. If you are an American you know the style how calendars are common in the USA. Just 5 percent of them are full page style. That is to say, there is no grid in the lower part of the calendar. If you are sure, that is the style you want, please click on the Zazzle button below, that brings you to the section of this gift platform on the internet, where we operate our music gifts shop. However, don't "turn" before you have "met" our European Style calendars a little further below.


That is how a music calendar looks like in the 50:50 style. This is how most calendars look like in the USA. 


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The Pipe Organ Calendar ... And how Everything Began


Please scroll down one section if you do not want to be entertained.


After my husband's project "Bach on Bach" became more and more extensive, page after page, website after website, and he wanted to use more and more money for illustrations, we thought about how we could finance our Johann-Sebastian Bach mission. The offer of Bach gifts was obvious. But ... there were still too few Bach fans for it, even all over the world. But a first music calendar exceeded all expectations. 


So my husband "invented" his 99 music calendars. One of them: the first pipe organ calendar. And already in the first year of his publication it was the winner. So, "Bach 4 You", my calendar  publishing house, decided to offer not only one pipe organ calendar, but a new pipe organ calendar every year.


During a vacation in the USA we both presented our offer to our American relatives, Dwight and Michele Bach. And Michele said: "Why should anyone buy a calendar today when everything is so much more efficient electronically? The decorative aspect didn't matter. So our next goal was to convince all Americans of the beauty of a calendar in the "European style", that is to say full-page and without grid, as in the calendar above. We wanted to achieve this with countless editorial references on our websites.


Time jump: 2 years later we discovered Zazzle. A gift portal on the Internet. Artists and creative people design. Zazzle produces. They handle and ship the gifts and they settle up. And from that day on "Bach 4 You" provides an annual pipe organ calendar and the pipe organ calendars of past years in two styles. Here again is the way to this section at Zazzle. Please  click on the button below.

The Actual Pipe Organ Wall Calendar – All 12 Monthly Pages


Your pipe organ calendar for both this year or for the current "to the point". You get to the shop via the button below. 

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Pipe Organ Calendars: European Style vs. American Style ... What is the difference?


The difference is crucial, as the typical European style wall calendar is a full format art work or a poster style wall decoration. Plus, this is what you might not like, as there is no space to put in notes, birthdays, obligations, errands and so on! A major problem however is, that the calendar title page (... for instance at Google images), does not show the inside split. What do we mean? Check for pipe organ wall calendars on Google – click images – and you get an exciting result. It seems, there are tons and tons of cool, exciting pipe organ wall calendars out there. Which actually is true. Sort of. However ... if you click on Amazon plus pipe organ wall calendars, the result is quite the opposite.


You have a music room? A European style composers calendar or a European style pipe organ calendar would upgrade the whole "composition" to perfection. However, a 50:50 calendar with a nasty grid would spoil the character of this location!  


Just One Publishing House in the Whole Universe Offers Pipe Organ Wall Calendars on Amazon in the US? Is that Possible? 

99 music calendars and only one pipe organ wall calendar at "Bach 4 You"? Actually that is not true, as you still may order all those pipe organ wall calendars, which were published since the first one in 2017. However, the pipe organ wall calendars from the past years would today be printed "hot off the press" ... just for you!


What is the secret behind the funny fact, that there are so many pipe organ wall calendars presented via the GOOGLE images research and so few via your investigation on AMAZON?


One thing is sure: Although it seems, there are many folks interested in pipe organ wall calendars, there are many offers on the market with a grid. But only one pipe organ wall calendar is a full page art work. Why is it so? It is because it doesn't cost a seller 1 Cent to offer such a work with a grid section. How is that possible? It is possible with "Print on Demand". "Print on Demand" ... that is what you heard about when it's about publishing books. And that is true for calendars, too?


Zazzle is the keyword. Zazzle offers such calendars. Creative people and artists provide their artwork or photo collections. So, if you order such a calendar, Zazzle prints one calendar and ships it to your home. For that reason it doesn't matter whether offering a pipe organ wall calendar serves a niche market or a whopping target group ... just 5 humans or 1.5 billion pipe organs wall calendar lovers. It just doesn't matter. Zazzle prints. Piece by piece. Piece by piece.  And yes, that is why you can buy "Bach 4 You" pipe organ wall calendars in the grid version, too. Just hop to our shop on Zazzle.


The Ultimate + Cool Difference: The Layout of the Calendar!


According to our research there is no music calendar publishing house outside Europe, that offers a layout design, which does not divide every monthly page in two sections. One section is a photo of the organ (... in an organ calendar), the second half is the grid, which shows the days of the week, the day of the month and gives you – with that – the space to write in anniversaries, birthdays or your next appointment at the dentist. Almost all offers – no matter how deep you dig – follow the same design pattern. The decorative picture in the upper half. . And – of course – it's true in all sizes as well. However, as a wall decoration these 50:50 (... half pic, half grid) the size options are no real size options, as the space to hang it in the kitchen is smaller than in all other rooms. Check on the true to scale comparison in the picture below. If you – after that – keep in mind, that the decorative part is only half the offered size, it means, that the artwork of the largest "Bach 4 You" calendar is 4 times the nice part of a 50:50 calendar.


The front and title page of a pipe organ wall calendar shows one full size motif of an organ and in all cases the date of the year, too. However, if you turn the front page to the January page, you realize a 50 % loss of the nice space for the organ picture. Each monthly page is completed by a relatively ugly part, which is the white space with the grid. 


Yes, "Bach 4 You" Offers Composers Calendars with a Grid, Too


Please hop to our shop on Zazzle and meet our pipe organ wall calendar offer there. If you prefer this calendar as a sort of tool, to work with and the preferred place for such a pipe organs wall calendar is in your kitchen or your pantry than hop to our calendars in that style.


It's not a different calendar style, actually it's a different kind of philosophy, which calendar style you prefer. European style calendars are not designed to put in notes here and there.


The title page of a calendar doesn't tell which kind of wall calendar is inside. This may create a huge disappointment: For those who do want a grid and for those who do not prefer such a tool-like decoration (... perfect for your kitchen). Please allow another link to my shop. Plus here, you get to my Zazzle shop (... my pipe organ wall calendars with grid) .


That is what you see on Google, when you write the keywords "composers and calendars" in the search bar. Take 5 seconds to be aware of the creative part of the calendar front pages. It's 100 percent full motif of what you see and both calendars seem to provide "the same amount of art inside".


Now please, check on the percentage of the "art portion" on both calendars, after you switched from the front page to the calendar pages inside. On the left (European style) is, what remains, 100 percent artwork. The "miniature calendar section" (... at the bottom), is just showing the day of the week or the day of the month. And it is also a part of the general artwork, so to speak. True on the left side. However, on the right motif above you discover, what the most US calendars look like, when you switch from the title page to any monthly page. The decorative part, which is the picture of the pipe organ, the composer, the music design or whatever, is a future mere 50 percent only. To add room, so that you can use this calendar as a tool in the lower section. And yes, you can't leave notes on the left calendar style, not on an European style calendar.


It's just the perfect gift for a music lover. Instead, the common bottle of wine or a flower bouquet. The pipe organ wall calendar or any composers calendar, Bach calendar or music calendar, which "Bach 4 You" offers.


Consider the Size of the Artwork ... And Make it A Whole New Ball Game


Does it make sense, to buy a 50:50 style calendar – you know meanwhile, that this is how we call these calendar designs, where the art work is in one half and the grid is in the second half of the overall "tool" – so does it make sense, to buy such a 50:50 calendar in a bigger size? Actually not. It's a tool, with a nice attachment and the smallest size – if this is not smaller than a music book – will do.


It's a whole different approach, when you consider such a pipe organs wall calendar – yes or a composers wall calendar or a music wall calendar – an art work. Like a decorative picture or a 3D collage. Plus it's a different approach, if you consider such a pipe organs calendar a decoration for your living area, the music room, the bathroom, the guest bathroom, your office, an attorneys' reception area, a doctor's office or  a waiting room. In this case, size really does matter. Because every page in such an European style wall calendar is part of the overall art work.


If you take this fact in account, a music book size calendar and even the 11 inch x 14,25 inch calendar which is four times of the smallest option is a difference like between day and night, if you compare it to the largest calendar from "Bach 4 You". The decorative part (... with grid) is 5.5 inches x 7 inches, compared to 16.5 inches x 23.4 inches (European Style).


Pipe organ wall calendars, music wall calendars: Learn more about the difference with the following decoration examples, which display several kinds of locations and several sizes of calendars. Just go on reading, it's on this page further down.


Decoration Examples ... Learn More About European Style Wall Calendars and how They Upgrade a Room, a Hall, a Guest Bathroom, an Office Space or a Reception Area


Organ calendar and bathroom, "Vol. 1": Check on the difference: A European style calendar, composers or pipe organs, is a decoration feature in every room, even in a bathroom. Find out, how that calendar would look like as a 50:50 style version in the next pic ...


Organ calendar plus bathroom, "Vol. 2": We think, it's a no-no in a nicely decorated bathroom.


The organ calendar and a reception area: We even offer matching composers calendars regarding the color. However, a colorful composers calendar would be a perfect counterpart to the black and white general furniture, walls and doors.


"The organ calendar in a hall". A large empty wall in a hall would be a perfect place for a large art work calendar. It upgrades the space as a European style calendar and a 50:50 style calendar would be a no-no here.


The Best Organ Player of All Time


Matching the organ calendar theme perfectly. So ... there is a guy in Germany, who accidentally has the same last name as the master composer from Thuringia, and for that reason he proclaims his namesake the best organ player in the past, in the present and in the future?


No, actually, "this guy" is my husband, and he has researched many entertaining topics about Johann Sebastian Bach and publishes them on his project website "Bach on Bach". One such interesting theme is "Bach, the organ player" and a second one is, that this Bache family (... yes, there is an " e " behind "Bach" which was the back then the plural of "Bach") is the largest and most famous family of musicians on the planet. The largest by far. And the most famous by far as well. However, how can you measure such "disciplines"? And by the way, he actually is speaker of the Bach Family of Musicians, and he is related to J.S. Bach.


The master on the "Pipe Organ Wall Calendar" website. Learn more about the Thomas Cantor and Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer on "Bach on Bach". By the way, this Bach monument is located in Weimar, and it's much less impressing compared to how it has been photographed by my husband Peter.



There is no question – telling by the judgments of many, many organ master players today and in the past, starting with Bach's children, via the comments of the best musicians in the world in more than 250 years and ending with the comments on him from young musicians today – that Johann Sebastian Bach was undoubtedly one of the best pipe organ players ever.


But how can you tell, he was the very best pipe organ player of all time and all over the planet? It's a statement with a little wink of the eye: There are two facts which point to this judgment. First J.S. Bach is said to have real big hands and that made it possible that he could reach keys at the same time, which moderate and even the best pipe organ players did not reach because their hands were not as large as Bach's were. 


And the ultimate tip: Johann Sebastian Bach is said to have played an organ work, when he he had and wanted to play a note, but at that moment he had no hand and no foot "left". So he pressed this key with a little stick which he had in his mouth. This is reported by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in the Necrology. This makes Johann Sebastian Bach, the Royal Polish and Saxon Court Composer, music director and Thomas Cantor, the best pipe organ player in the universe and probably of all time.


Tadaa. If you add the verdict of the best musicians of all time and from all over the world and upgrade it by the fact that J.S. Bach was the only one, who did not only use his hands and feet to play the organ but a fifth option in addition, he surely is the best organ player in the Universe and of all time. The proof is on page 668 in the 2nd volume.


Even if You Buy Dinosaurs T-Shirts or a Soccer Smartphone Case ...

... you can support our Bach mission with your purchase … learn more. 


How Can We Proof, It's the Largest Family of Musicians on the Planet and of All Time ... and Will Remain that forever?


It is really easy to find out the names of the most famous composers on earth. Of course, these are all classical composers and they died a long time ago. But there are also now living composers of classical music, but they are just (... not yet) as famous as the "old masters". Okay, you research on the internet, or you can use this link to "Bach on Bach". And there they are: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Wagner. After that the next league already starts, because Berlioz, Gounod, Schubert, Strauss, by the way dad and son, Weber, and Liszt are less known than the first league. You don't agree at all? Then ask students or pupils, children or teenagers to name 5 of the master composers. And you'll find that I - probably - am right. 


Okay, we found out that there is a first discipline to check which are the most famous and biggest families of musicians. Now it's all about counting numbers. There is a whole page on my husband's website "Bach on Bach" on this topic, and he was very ambitious to research all these family members. So with the search for the respective children and parents there is another discipline. Which celebrity category applies to those now? Let's say Strauss in Austria: The father was as famous as the son, so there are two champions in the 2nd category. Bach, however, is a member of the "Formula 1 of all composers", but had 4 famous sons, two of whom were even more famous than Bach, Senior, at that time. Of course - from today's point of view - they only played in the 3rd or 4th or 5th "league", which means that nobody today knows anything about their former existence. But there were four of them and a fifth son who earned money with music. So in our competition 2 in the upper class are better than 4 in the 4th league? Sure.


Yes, of course we are comparing apples and tomatoes here, but if you make it a game - which my husband did - you will find that the number of family members in this Bach family is so overwhelmingly large that all other musician families - back then the List/Wagner team or today the Jacksons - have no chance of winning "this competition".


However, my husband Peter asks not to take this tournament too seriously. Thank you. 


Matching the organ calendar page on this website: We needed more than 5 years to find this Johann Sebastian Bach monument in Berlin, Germany, which is lost after World War II. It was one of the smaller memorials in the trilogy with King Frederick of Prussia as the main monument. On the postcard, the Bach monument is almost invisible behind the much bigger Prussian King's memorial.


The most unknown church in which Johann Sebastian Bach played the organ: And why is that true? Because until 2018 the village of Gräfenroda was not yet officially listed as a Johann Sebastian Bach location. Back then J.S. Bach visited the cantor of Gräfenroda, and they both had fun to play the organ in the St. Laurence Church.


What a latest-state-of-the-art J.S. Bach monument. It is located in the Northern Bavarian city of Ansbach, which isn't actually one of the Bach cities. They just adore the composer.


Get acquainted with "my husband's world". He photographed the Bach Monument in Ansbach for whole 45 minutes, from all distances, with different backgrounds and foregrounds. And the motif above is the most exciting photo with reference to the background. Believe it or not: Although the residents of this city love Johann Sebastian Bach, there is no reference to him on the house next to his monument. Do you see the word "Bach" behind the monument? Check the next picture... 


A different view of the J.S. Bach memorial. Check the lower edge of the pic. You discover the letters "NSBACH". Add an " A " and you know the second word of the "WÄSCHEHAUS ANSBACH" which is a clothes store in the city of Ansbach.


Johann Sebastian Bach in the Ulm Cathedral (Ulmer Münster) in Southern Germany. There was just one picture of this Bach monument "hidden" among thousands of Bach photos on Google, before Peter made a trip to this cool Bach place. Now there are 20 different photos.


Isn't that likable: The artist was so overwhelmed by the name and the person of Bach that he renamed the birth city of Eisenach to Eisenbach. My husband and I love this one out of some 150 J.S. Bach stamps, published in over 60 years and all over the world. Do you want to discover them all ... now?


Peter Bach, Jr., author of "Bach on Bach", actually possesses the complete collection (... learn more about him with a click here), all Bach stamps that were ever published in the world. Plus he also found all Bach cinderellas. Learn more about Bach cinderellas with a click here.


Yes, the Bachs also sold instruments back then, however, probably no organs. And they made music. In Germany, in Italy, in Great Britain and in the USA. Today the Bachs of this family make music in the Netherlands as well.


Where ever Bachs of this family were living: They made music. The Bachs – back then they were called Bache  are by far the largest family of musicians. Learn more with a click here. 


The Coolest Website About Pipe Organs on the Planet


Do you know Martin Doering? The German pipe organs lover Martin Doering, who lives in Berlin? Of course, you don't, as his website on the US Google results is not showing up on position one to ten. However, his website is awesome and I want to introduce you to his collection of some 5,000 pipe organs and real much exciting pipe organ stuff to read. The title of this website is "www.die-Orgelseite.de" Yes, it is a "de-address" and that makes it also hard to climb the Google results outside Germany. Of course there is an English section and so you don't have to walk your way via Babble or Rosetta Stone.


His website is really worth a visit. Martin Doering provides a true treasure, when it comes to the beauty of organs in the whole world. He even travels around the globe to photography new, perfect pictures of organs. 


More Exciting Addresses and Websites matching the Subject of Pipe Organ Wall Calendars 


Of course there is a paragraph on this page of this Pipe Organ Wall calendar website, is you are interested in more exciting addresses in the subject. First there is the website of the AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS / THE AMERICAN ORGANIST MAGAZINE: Organ news are a rich source for those, who want to learn about this theme.


There is the website of the American Institute of Organbuilders providing a cool video and a deep look into the subject of building pipe organs.


More information is what you will find at the Associate Pipe Organ Builders of America.


Read about the exciting goal of the Pipe Organ Foundation.


And there is the Church Organ World in the United Kingdom, well worth a visit.


The Vol. 3 Pipe Organ Wall Calendar  Title Page plus All 12 Pages Starting with January and Ending with December 


Caution, caution: This is not the actual pipe organ calendar. The organ calendar which is "valid" this year, is what you find right below the first headline on this page. This one here is one of the pipe organ calendars in the previous years. The first pipe organ calendar was released in the year 2017. So, if you love this now following one, however, with the calendar of this or the oncoming year, please order it in the shop.


An organ calendar from a time that will soon be long gone: on this website for you. To explore the front page and the 12 monthly sheets from January to December. And once again the hint for the fastest shortcut to the shop, matching this page: Just click here.


The pipe organ calendar in one of the previous years. Enjoy the January page. "01" stands for January and the calendar part on the right side is part of the overall artwork. Click here.


pipe organ calendar page in February. 


pipe organ calendar page in March. Did you realize: The hint regarding the city, the name of the church and the country comes bilingual, which is in English and German?!


pipe organ calendar page in April. Just a reminder: This is not the actual pipe organ calendar.


pipe organ calendar page in May. However, not in the current calendar.


The pipe organ calendar page in June.


pipe organ calendar page in July. If you prefer a pipe organ calendar from the previous years ... this is one option.


pipe organ calendar page in August.


pipe organ calendar page in September of the previous years.


pipe organ calendar page in October. However, not this year, not the next year.


pipe organ calendar page in November. The current and actual pipe organ calendar is below the first headline on this page.


The pipe organ calendar page in December. The final page of this pipe organ calendar. However, it's not the actual calendar. You find this actual pipe organ calendar below the first headline of this page.


Bach Painted by a Bach ... and There Is an Organ in the Background, of Course 

Pipe organ calendars ... It's not possible to match this subject with a cartoon better. This cartoon above shows Johann Sebastian Bach, it shows a pipe organ in the background and the artist who created this master piece is a member of the Bach family of musicians, who lives in the Unites States in America: Briana Bach-Hertzog. Thank you so much, Briana.


99 Music Calendars ... not 99 Pipe Organ Calendars


Pipe organ wall calendars and composers wall calendars: Discover all 99 music wall calendars with a click here.


A composers calendar on the left side, a composers T-shirt on the right side.


Just a final reminder: There are "tons" of additional cool music gifts in 4 additional online gift shops … learn more. 


One composers calendar is permitted, to be here on this website on the front page. Meanwhile there is not only one pipe organ calendar available on "Bach 4 You", but there is one more every year and that is true for a few years already.





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